Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling a little crafting block

I started to make this block yesterday as well,

When I first started this project, I planned on making a cute St Patty's day hanging. Much like the one for Valentines with the marbles. I bought gold colored marbles intending on displaying the word LUCK. I saw this paper at Micheals, and bought it before I really thought about the project as a whole. After painting my block and applying the paper, I felt it was much to fancy for a St Patty's day project. I didn't want to take it down in a month to be hidden for a year to come. So I took some white gauze like fabric and made two little flowers to go in the corner.

The block currently sits on my desk waiting to be finished. I want to put some cute saying on it, and display it above my desk so that I can be inspired while I work. But, I am stumped as to what I want on it. So, it will probably sit for a couple weeks, until I get some spark of genius and wonder why I had not thought about it before.
Of course, today I am open to suggestions.


Kaylin said...

I love your blog! Can't wait to get your button:) You guys coming down for Easter? You have WAY cute stuff!

DaisyCakes Bakery and Boutique said...

Thanks sweeite! I think we were planning on coming. I hope so anyway!

jenjen said...

It looks really cute. I love the green and white and the flower. Adorable!