Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black and white and Blue all over

Since we are renting our home right now, there is not much that I can do to change up our kitchen. The cupboards are bright white, the counter is a 1970's blueish color and the walls are white as well. What to do? Can't paint... Can't replace the counter top... Can't replace the cabinets...

This morning I woke up bright and early and went yard sale-ing. Oh, how I love waking up with the sun and driving around unknown neighborhoods trying to find the perfect sale! Today was the FIRST big score that I have ever made.

We moved into our house in March and the kitchen was the first thing that I unpacked. However, I have not decided how I wanted it decorated. Until now. I have decided to use black, baby blue, and white as my mediums. Here is what I have done so far.



The plate in the corner was a red charger plate that I bought for a 1.50 at big lots, years ago. The white mile glass grave boat, I bought this morning at a yard sale. The glass jar I bought a while back at Ross. There was some water deposit on it, so I painted the inside blue and then painted the decal on the outside. I bought the pewter bowl this morning for a quarter! The black frame was an unsightly gold speckle color and I spray painted that black and then added some tuille fabric in the middle. The mirror was bought at a yard sale earlier this year and it was brass in color. I spray painted it white. (If you see the post below it was that mirror). The hanging clock I bought this morning, it was a pretty red color, but I wanted it for this project so it had to be either black or white. I liked the black better. The wicker basket use to be a cherry wood color and I spray painted it black. I left the slip cover white. The wood cut out in the corner used to be plain white, but I wanted to add some blue to it. I took some normal blue paint and watered it down quite a bit. Then I brushed it all over and with a damp rag wiped off the excess. I am not too sure I am happy with the new look... The jury is still out on the subject. The black wire bread basket used to be green, I spray painted it black today. The last picture frame was also purchased at a yard sale and was a cute pink color, but not what I wanted. I painted it blue, then white. Distressed it a little and then I put a pretty blue and white tuille in the middle. The very last thing is an old iron. I am not sure how old it is, but it looks cute. I don't think it goes in the kitchen but for right now, until I can find something to fill the space, it will do. I still have a whole other set of cabinets to decorate, but I am out of stuff... Not to worry, another Saturday and another Yard sale and it will be complete soon enough.

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Jen @ said...

Beautiful vignette! I love the black and white. beautiful display!